This is my place.

A person with DID has two or more different and distinct personalities, the person's usual (“core”) personality and what are known as alternate personalities, or “alters.” The person may experience amnesia when an alter takes control over the person's behavior.

I currently have 3 full formed alters and 2 fragments. So I have a total of 5 personalities!!!! Only 2 alters take the front often... (btw, the names of my alters are weird because most of them dont use names. I need more names for my alters just to make things easier haha)
My two main alters:

The host! Jessie,18yrs old... She is the one mostly in control of the body so to learn more about her. I would redirect you to the about me page

The little! Dissy, behaves 4ish... She is in control a lot of the time so I made her her own about me page!!! check it out here